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Bed and Breakfasts create an especially rewarding location for holding weddings. We believe the bride below wrote beautifully about her experience and how she was able to be present to the most joyful moments in her wedding because of the setting at Christopher Place in the Smoky Mountains.

Lindsey D from Bowling Green, KY wrote:

I almost feel guilty when I share my wedding experience at Christopher Place Resort, because I can not imagine having a more perfect wedding experience. How many brides remember their wedding day as both the most romantic and relaxing day of their life? From the moment my husband and I stepped inside of our Roman Holiday Suite, we felt that we had found our own perfect piece of romantic luxury inside of the Smokies. I felt like a queen and my husband was overflowing with anticipation-just how I had always imagined we should feel during our wedding.

I can remember the butterflies I felt standing at the top of the winding staircase with my dad, knowing I was about to create a new family with the man waiting for me at the bottom. As I walked down the stairs, I could see the tears of my family, outside lush green mountains welcoming me, then I met my husband's face and everything slowed down. The smile on his face is frozen in my memory, a smile of pride, love, and hope- a smile unlike any I had seen before.

It had just stopped raining and we decided to walk out on the lawn for the ceremony, the hills glistening and romance stirring in the warm summer air. The sun was shining and we were surrounded by the ones we loved most. The ceremony was very personal and meaningful and the surroundings inspired us all, but some of my most memorable moments were the moments of imperfection.

I can remember my dad stepping on my train and leaving a perfect grassy footprint, he was so sweet and concerned as he leaned down as if he could wipe it away with a wish. It was special to see my dad a bit unsteady as he gave away his only daughter- I treasure that footprint. While my husband and I were exchanging vows, I saw a bug land on the tip of his nose. I wanted to speak up, I wanted to laugh, but my husband stayed focused, he never moved a muscle. Again, another man in my life that was trying not to show his vulnerability, but it was written in his eyes and especially in his trembling leg. As the minister instructed my husband to kiss his bride, we heard applause from the balcony. A couple on their 25th anniversary had watched the ceremony from outside their room. As we waved to the couple, I envisioned us standing on the balcony 25 years from now and I smiled. From arrival to checkout, from the chocolate covered strawberries to relaxing in the intimate library with a glass of Merlot, from footprint to first dance; our wedding at Christopher Place will always have cherished memories of family, scenery, and romance that will sustain us for years to come.

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