A Genuine Big City Experience and the Chance to Make New Friends


New York City, San Francisco, and Dallas, all big cities with a plethora of opportunities and excitement. If you’ve never been to the city before, the overabundance of possible activities for the day can be overwhelming. Add in questions about transportation, convenience, and who makes the best latte, and you may wonder where to even […]

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5 Bed & Breakfasts that Let You Join in the Cooking Fun


Going out for dinner can be a bit like attending a magic show. You see the menu (the magician), you know some of the ingredients (the props), and what shows up on your table is a plate full of enchanting flavors (the mind-blowing illusion). How do so many inn chefs manage to astound and delight […]

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Shop ‘Till You Drop into a Comfortable Bed at a Bed and Breakfast Inn

war hill2

7 Bed and Breakfasts Near Outlet Malls What’s better than a great day of shopping? Getting great deals while you shop. What’s even better than that? Putting up your feet at a bed and breakfast near an outlet center and letting someone else pamper you after saving lots of dough. Texas The Crystal River Inn […]

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Getaway to Downton Abbey Inn Style


The sixth and final season of your favorite lords and ladies has arrived in the U.S. Don’t sit at home crying into your embroidered handkerchief; instead, celebrate old memories and remaining episodes by spending a Sunday evening at a manor inn. Surround yourself with a historic ambiance and as you watch an episode, perhaps, you’ll […]

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Ohio’s Whispering Pines Bed & Breakfast Offers Girl Getaways

Whispering Pines

I love this Girlfriend Getaway because once you get to the inn you don’t have to go anywhere else that night!  Linda serves heavy hors d’oeuvres – my girlfriends, Alice and LInda, love this kind of getaway. All we have to do is settle the kids with others, throw stuff in a mini bag, meet […]

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Mom’s Night Out – Find a Great Girlfriend Getaway at a B&B Inn Near You

Saratoga Arms-  Saratoga, N.Y Innkeepers of Bed & Breakfasts in every state have adapted to the needs for a Mom’s Night Out by creating fun girl getaways to help Moms renew the friendships that sustain them and to take a break from busy, spinning days. The new Mom’s Night Out movie debuts this weekend portraying […]

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