5 Bed & Breakfasts that Let You Join in the Cooking Fun


Going out for dinner can be a bit like attending a magic show. You see the menu (the magician), you know some of the ingredients (the props), and what shows up on your table is a plate full of enchanting flavors (the mind-blowing illusion). How do so many inn chefs manage to astound and delight […]

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Beer With Breakfast, Do a How-To on Local TV


Beer and Breakfast – Should You Add This Manly Menu to Your Offerings? I just discovered that a friend of mine – project manager, website builder and former missionary, sometimes drinks beer with breakfast. “It has to be with a hearty, salsa-infused menu” he said in his deep Home Depot voice. Photo from When finally […]

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Innkeepers Who Live Longer, How Saratoga Arms Gets 3-Nights Midweek, Cooking Parties, Rum Cake


Innkeeper Vacations Make You Live Longer – Just Like Your Guests Yesterday, I sat down with Bill and Eleonora of Jacob Hill Inn (Providence, RI) at a coffee shop in Dana Point where we enjoyed a nice long chat – almost the way Europeans sit around for hours talking. We celebrated their 20+ years of […]

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2014-2015 Booklovers B & B Writers’ Retreat

Writers Retreat

Writing and Reading at Bed & Breakfasts – Try Alexander House Booklovers B&B on Maryland’s Eastern Shore Inns have long been a perfect place to write and some historic inns hosted famous writers such as Somerset Maugham (Vineyard Square Hotel, Colonial Inn), J.D. Salinger (Lazy Cloud Lodge B&B) and Jack London (Vichy Hot Springs Resort & Inn). Lately, […]

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