The Men’s Inn-sider Guide

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For the Guys   We sometimes slant our articles and recommendations toward our female readers and/or to families. While we have written lots about special spas, vintage clothing, places for high tea, jewelry and bead shows, and places to take the kids, we decided this time to focus more on our male guests. But, of […]

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5 Bed & Breakfasts that Let You Join in the Cooking Fun


Going out for dinner can be a bit like attending a magic show. You see the menu (the magician), you know some of the ingredients (the props), and what shows up on your table is a plate full of enchanting flavors (the mind-blowing illusion). How do so many inn chefs manage to astound and delight […]

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Bed & Breakfasts Are for the Birds: Birdwatching at Your Favorite Inn


Birdwatching is a ticket to the theater of nature. Birds of all colors, shapes, and sizes sing and dance before your eyes. Pack your binoculars and make a bed and breakfast vacation out of your birdwatching hobby. Below are examples of great birdwatching at selected bed and breakfast inns. Gibson’s Lodgings in Annapolis, Md, offers […]

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Kid-Friendly Inns


Vacationing with the Family in Style You’re all set for a weekend getaway. You’ve chosen a wonderful place to stay: it’s small, or it’s historic, or it’s elegant. Whatever your fancy, it’s perfect. There’s just one small problem, your kids. There’s an easy to way to solve that problem, take the kids with you. That’s […]

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Google Changed Your Inn’s Photo Friday, How to Add Tent Rooms by Next Month, Wisconsin B&Bs Out Airbnb


Expand Your Inn Revenues With a Glamping Tent (or 4) If You Have Trees and Acres – Timber Creek Barn offers 5 guest rooms, one treehouse and a recently added Tent. Tent accommodations range from $80-$100 per night and include breakfast. “The tent is 14 feet by 16 feet and it is held up with a […]

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It’s His Day: 6 Manly Bed and Breakfast Trips for His Birthday or Father’s Day


Guys can be tough to shop for. Rather than buying him yet another shirt, schedule a getaway that you can both enjoy. Head to a town that has man-centric activities, then add a touch of romance by staying at a one-of-a-kind bed and breakfast inn. Many of these inns offer a Buy One Get One Night […]

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5 Fabulous Days in Sedona – Canyon Villa


Check out your destination opportunities by reviewing inns activities page. If you look first you might want to stay longer – when I last visited Sedona I reviewed suggestions on Canyon Villa‘s website first. Ideas for Up to FIVE Days of Sedona Adventures… Follow our list or mix & match! Day 1 If you can […]

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Where Can I Find Sleigh Rides? – These Inns Have Got You Covered

Sleigh ride

Want an old fashioned sleigh ride? A perfect country inn getaway in winter might just include a horse pulling you and your love in a sleigh. At the inn below if you can get away midweek you can practically get the sleigh ride for free because at Brookview you can cash in a Buy-One-Night-Get-the-Second-Night Free […]

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B&B Road Trip Search for Green California


Bed and Breakfast Road Trip to Find Green A misty wine country morning seemed to make the greening of the hills more poignant. It was February and we were in a hurry to see Green. You’ll understand this if you’ve ever encountered the ten months of brownish gold hills and mountains in Southern California. When we get […]

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Soaring Eagles Spotted at Bed and Breakfasts!


American Bald Eagles are the most majestic of all birds, especially in flight when their wingspan can reach 8 feet. And at different times of the year you can watch them as they migrate in search of food, as they build their nests & feed their young, and then, as the latest generation takes flight, […]

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