September 2016

The Men’s Inn-sider Guide

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For the Guys   We sometimes slant our articles and recommendations toward our female readers and/or to families. While we have written lots about special spas, vintage clothing, places for high tea, jewelry and bead shows, and places to take the kids, we decided this time to focus more on our male guests. But, of […]

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SCORE Wants Your Bed & Breakfast Business to Succeed, 4 Amazing Innkeeper Ideas for Specials, Do This if Your Inn is Out in the Country


Fall is the Perfect Time to Find a Mentor – Free Innkeeper Shares What Free Consulting from SCORE Did for Her Inn Lynne Griffin of Lancaster, Pa.’s Australian Walkabout Inn found helpful advice from a SCORE mentor that has built her clientele in an extremely competitive area. Here’s what she said, “I think the most […]

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The #1 Way to Research What You Want for Your Next Website, Fabulous Fixes

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The #1 Best Way to Research for Your Next Website Look at 100 Good / Bad Websites **** – It’s an easy way to educate yourself so you know what the possibilities are. Get out a notebook or start an email to self during the process and take note. What do I like about this […]

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Get a New Perspective on Fall Beauty at a Welcoming Bed & Breakfast Inn


Fall should be considered the best season. The days are warm; the nights are crisp, perfect for a bed and breakfast getaway near you or across the country. The leaves change from green to vibrant colors. It’s almost as if Mother Nature throws a grand gala before settling in for a long nap. Be part […]

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