July 2016

Kid-Friendly Inns


Vacationing with the Family in Style You’re all set for a weekend getaway. You’ve chosen a wonderful place to stay: it’s small, or it’s historic, or it’s elegant. Whatever your fancy, it’s perfect. There’s just one small problem, your kids. There’s an easy to way to solve that problem, take the kids with you. That’s […]

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Harvard Business Review on Airbnb, Top Tourism Bureau Websites, POT-Friendly Inns

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Airbnb is now charging guests (in Paris) $.83 a night occupancy tax after reaching an agreement with city authorities last year. Airbnb professes to be open to partnering with cities, but it has shown little interest in these problems; the company forcefully opposes any measures that would limit the scale of its business. San Francisco […]

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Add Extra Heat to Your Romance This Summer at a Bed & Breakfast Inn

Breakfast at 10 Fitch

Summer is the perfect time to add some extra heat to your romance. The warmer temperatures are perfect for sunset strolls and the long days provide plentiful time to explore a new area together. Visit a bed and breakfast and linger so you can take in all that summer has to offer and renew your […]

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Summer Happiness from American Historic Inns, Joyful B&Bs in the North, South, East, West


Summer Happiness – a Gift from iLoveInns Now’s the time to plan a quick getaway and Create Joy for your summer. It’s really easy and quick to find a great little bed and breakfast not too far away. It’ll be the highlight of your summer! It will give you Joy! It will be 1/2 price!The […]

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4 Ways to Tell if Your Web Designer is Terrible


(And if you did your own – here’s how you can tell if you are terrible:) In addition, P.S. It takes years of experience to not be a terrible web designer. 1. The price is under $1,000 bucks If your website is costing you less than a $1,000 bucks, then chances are your web designer […]

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