June 2016

Write for the Home Town Paper – You’ll Get Links, Top of Mind in the Neighborhood


Writing Tip – Always find a way to make every recipe personal – why you like it, how it came to be, what guests say about it etc. But just the fact that you serve it at your inn and that you probably make 1,000 or more breakfasts a year makes you a true expert. […]

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No-Cost Marketing You Aren’t Using, 7 Good/Bad Websites


7 Inns Reveal the Good, the Bad and the Ugly and How to Fix it Good Design, Good Title Tags Chatham Gables Inn – Good Website Design and Good Title Tags – Study the title tags – always include city and the region (Cape Cod and Chatham in this case). Something many “designer-types” miss. Alpine […]

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Unique Gifts for your Gorgeous Grads


Road Trips for Your Grads – “Oh the Places You Will Go” Send or take them on an awesome road trip in the good ole’ USA. They will remember it their entire lives. 5 Great American Road Trips for a Fabulous Grad Gift Giraffes, Lions, Elephants – California, Kansas, Arkansas take a look at inns […]

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Increase Bookings With Exterior Colors – Color Consultant Claims, Town to Trade License for Tax

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San Francisco’s Color Consultant on Victorian Color Combinations, Claims $$$ Increase for Owners Architectural color consultant, Bob Buckter has chosen paint combinations for more than 15,000 houses, so if you’re thinking about tweaking your paint on your beautiful inn take a look at his work. In an interview last week with “Dr. Color”, he believes […]

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