January 2016

How to Make Social Media Boost Your Inn Business

Social Media Innkeepers

Chip and Joanna Gaines with a New Texas B&B – How They Use Social Media FACEBOOK I’ve been checking out how this couple uses their social media channels and found a posting they made on Facebook to boost their followers’ interest in their brand new inn. “Hurry! Hop over to Chip or Joanna’s Instagram feeds and enter their awesome giveaway to […]

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Valentine’s Day for HIM


Valentine’s Day usually means roses and chocolates and romance; everything a woman loves. But what about the Man? How can you make the day special for Him? What if there is a way for everyone to be happy? How does ice fishing, deer hunting, snowmobiling, race car driving school or brewery tours sound? You can […]

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3 Ways to Get Fabulous Photos at a Fraction of the Cost


Pay $250 Instead of $1,500 for Photos 1. The number one way to get great photos that will fit your budget is to hire a good local real estate photographer – review their work online and at real estate agent offices, open houses, circulars. Especially look at the photos displayed by top-selling agents – in […]

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Getaway to Downton Abbey Inn Style


The sixth and final season of your favorite lords and ladies has arrived in the U.S. Don’t sit at home crying into your embroidered handkerchief; instead, celebrate old memories and remaining episodes by spending a Sunday evening at a manor inn. Surround yourself with a historic ambiance and as you watch an episode, perhaps, you’ll […]

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