How Professional Bed & Breakfast Inns Can Attract More Business Guests

Get More Business Guests With These 3 Tips

1. Build a Separate Page on Your Website 

I chose because they also made it show up under the natural search for Cape May Business Meetings –
although this one is specific to corporate retreats – that means more than one room will be needed for those in the retreat. Usually you would also put a photo on this pag3e with a tag that would show a meeting space or dining room or parlor etc. as well as breakfast, snacks being served.  (Time – 30 minutes to show to your web developer to get started.)

2. Use Airbnb To Get Your Business Guests – They’ll Come Back Directly to Save Their Next 8% Booking Fee

Paii offered a webinar this week by Heather Turner in which she recommended Using Airbnb for business guests. Fill out the Business Ready category with items such as Fast WiFi, where a desk is or working space, etc. Make sure your lead photo is a knock-out. You pay Airbnb 3%. (15-60 minutes – depending on if you do it or assign it to a college student.)

3. Use Keywords on Your Home Page and in Your Title Tags

One inn we noticed with a really aged website and poor title tags still came up first on a search for their town (no where you would really go for business) simply because they included the words business traveler. But you can stand with heavy competition if you carefull craft a plan utilizing keyword finders and inserting them into your site. Or ask your web developer. (10 minutes)

Give Your Inn a New 2017 Website – 3 Things You Need

Looking at an iLoveInns website checklist the other day, I reviewed items to be created, re-directed, re-sized, compressed, photo-shopped and coded, title tagged, and a hundred other items. But there are 4 main things that will greatly affect your business.

1. A Fast Loading Website -Speed is now extremely important with Google using it in their ranking algorithms.

2. Title Tags That Get You Found – Good – “Cape Cod – Red Gables Inn, romantic Barnstable bed and breakfast inn”. Not good, “Red Gables Inn, Cape Cod”. To other pages add honeymoon rooms, anniversary inn, Cape Cod wedding venue – Every page can have additional search terms. Developers recommend the area first, not the name of the inn.
3.  Fabulous Photos -If you don’t have good photos now, buy stock photos of your area’s scenery, wildlife and recipes till you can get the photos you need.
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